Procedures to apply for author in themefruits.

  1. Go to Become An Author page. Then apply for author from “Apply As Author” button.
  2. If user already login in themefruits as customer, then he/she can apply for author from their dropdown dashboard.

Steps to submit items on themefruits:-

  1. User should be author of themefruits.
  2. From Author Dashboard , go to Add Theme.

3. Mandatory things while submitting themes on themefrutis are demo link, theme Url,featured image, theme description etc.


WordPress  Submission guidelines:

  1. Themes are required to follow WordPress Coding standard.
  2. Themes should be error, warning, notices,required,recommendations free.
  3. Mandatory that themes should contains wp_title(), wp_head(), wp_footer(), post_class(), body_class().
  4. Themes should be languages translation ready.
  5. Themes should be fully tested on different browsers at least on chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer.



Note: The item which you would like to submit in themefruits should be solely belongs to you.